Wifi 4G Lte Antenna, 2 Pcs 18Dbi Dual Band Sma Male Connector 4G Antenna For W

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1.The 1.4G/2.4G SMA antenna can replace damaged/lost standard antennas, or bring more benefits to your router.

2. The high gain antenna uses 18dBi SMA antenna to improve the speed and signal strength of the router.

3. You can easily install the antenna on the back of 4G/2.4GLTE to get better signal strength.

4.The SMA connector supports for 4G/2.4G router LTE modem, for LTE router and other models (for Huawei B390, for B593, for DD800, for B1000, for B2000).

5. Super clean and cool appearance. Black is very suitable for your equipment. 


1. Frequency range: 2400 MHz

2. Standing wave ratio: <= 1.5

3. Gain: 18 dBi (MAX)

4. Polarization: vertical

5. Maximum input power: 50 W

6. Connector type: SMAM male

7. Length: about 22 cm/8.66in

8. Widely used in wireless transmitters and wireless receivers. Such as devices for AP, for WLAN, for WIFI ROUTER, for WIFI ADAPTER.

9. Advantages: Gold plating has the best quality in terms of solderability, conductivity and stability of the metal.

Packing List:

2 x Antenna

  • The 1.4G/2.4G SMA antenna can replace damaged/lost standard antennas, or bring more benefits to your router.
  • The high gain antenna uses 18dBi SMA antenna to improve the speed and signal strength of the router.
  • You can easily install the antenna on the back of 4G/2.4GLTE to get better signal strength.
  • The SMA connector supports for 4G/2.4G router LTE modem, for LTE router and other models (for Huawei B390, for B593, for DD800, for B1000, for B2000).
  • Super clean and cool appearance. Black is very suitable for your equipment.
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