1 Meter Flexible Spiral Cable Zip Wrap Cable Tidy Holder Organizer

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How to select diameter:

Step 1: prepare the rope and ruler

Step 2: bind the wires to be wound with ropes

Step 3: measure the length of the rope with a ruler

Step 4: diameter = rope length / 3.14


Organize multiple cords and wires into one neat flexible tube               

Great for use in the home or office

Zip clip easily locks around the loose cords and cables

Zips cords and cables into the cord organizer in one simple motion              

Safety, protect wires from the wear and tear, prevent electric leakage;

Harness tangled wires into a single manageable bundle. Organized and tidy, Suitable for computer cab.Put all messy wires of TV, Theater, Computers, etc. easily and neatly into one cord Protect wires from the wear and insulation, and can improve the beauty of bending 

 Notice :       

1.The wire clips can reuse,we will send one clip within 10 meters, two clips within 20 meters, and so on.

2.If you buy more than 1 meter, we will send a whole tube without cutting it to you ,you can cut it as you need.

3.The clip have black white and grey color ,we will send randomly color to you ,thanks for understanding.

4.The size of the product refers to the size after opening


 Package include:1 set spiral cable organizer 

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