Pet/Face Massage roller

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Who doesn't love a nice, soothing massage? Cats in particular love to be pet, but now you can take it to the next level and give them a full body massage they deserve thanks to this cat massage roller! This nifty cat massage roller has been specifically made to fit the bodies of all cats thanks to its adjustable handle. 

Engage in the purr-fect relaxation activity for both you and your cat with our cat massage roller! You'll spend quality time with your cat and give them the treatment they deserve for being awesome. Your cat won't be able to stop purring as soon as you start massaging them all over. 

S: 12x3.3cm/4.72x1.30''
L: 24.5x4.5cm/9.65x1.77''
XL: 25x4cm/9.84x1.57''

There is no better way to show your cat you love them with a nice relaxing massage! 

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