Double Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush

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The Trinity 3-Headed Sneaker Cleaning Brush is like the Swiss Army Knife of shoe/sneaker cleaning brushes. How so you ask? First it has three heads: a large head for cleaning larger areas of the outside and inner sole of your shows and sneakers; a small head for getting in the nooks and crannies of your sole, both inside and out; and a small, long-bristle brush at the end of the handle to get into the crevices of the bottom of your shoes and sneakers. If that was it, it would be a cool brush and certainly worth the money, but there's more. Also, on the end of the handle of are two thorny nobs to dig into the bottoms of your sneakers and shoes to remove dirt, mud and anything else gummed up underneath your feet. The brush has a unique patented curve for optimal cleaning inside your shoes and sneakers. This curve allows for the large head to scrub the inner sole, while the smaller brush agitates and cleans the inside tongue of your sneaker or shoe. Years of research and development went into this design to bring you the ultimate sneaker cleaning brush. Sneakerheads rejoice... Trinity is here to keep your sneakers looking like new! Not a lot of fluff in the above description. This brush truly is unique and it designed to be a killer cleaning tool to keep your sneakers, shoes or even work boots exceptionally clean. Why do people buy electric tooth brushes? Because they want to use the best tool to keep their teeth clean. If you want the best tool to keep your sneakers, shoes or boots clean, the Trinity is the right brush for youth product has gone through extensive testing and definitely works. We stand behind it 100 percent.

  • Style: Hand
  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: Shoe
  • Type: Shoe Brush


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