Anti Glare/Night Vision Driver Goggles

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Anti Glare/Night and Sunglass Vision Driver Goggles
Tired of getting your eyes irritated by the sun in the day or by car lights at night while driving?
Our Anti Glare/Night Vision Driver Goggles will protect you from infrared UV rays in the day and filter car lights at night to give you better visibility while driving.


  • Wear gray lenses during the day to eliminate roads and road signs while driving. anti-dazzle light, anti-snow blind, reduce the stimulation of the eyes
  • Wearing a yellow lens at night reduces the amount of sight caused by the high beam and xenon headlights
  • High comfort in conformity with ergonomics, Soft nose holder, comfortable frame, it's lightweight
  • A fashion statement fit for both men and women, no matter the occasion


  • Visible perspective rate: 99%
  • Quality : high quality
  • Style: Classic Fashion sunglasses
  • Strength: Strong
  • Frame material: PC
  • Lens material: Resin
  • Lens: Gray lens For daylight
  • Lens: Yellow lens For night
  • Suitable places : Driving, fishing, everyday casual


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