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Unleash your kids' inner creative power with these Building Block Sets! You can even join & team up with your kids to create the ULTIMATE block-city! 

Are you up to the task? If so, read on..

Often times kids tend to run off into trouble seemingly everywhere they go. With these Building Block Sets you may very well be able to keep your child focused and entertained with a very healthy activity for hours at a time! Here's why our Building Block sets are good for your little ones (and you!):

  1. It develops creative problem solving which will lead to them being better decision makers and more self-reliant, which in turn saves you time!
  2. Choose from 4 Different EPIC block sets (Construction Site, Black Police, Fire Station and Mega Police Station) that are perfectly fit to satisfy your child's creative needs!
  3. The constant twisting, turning and clicking movement needed to build a block city is one of the most fun ways your child can develop their fine motor skills!
  4. It improves their attention span which will give them an advantage in school.
  5. And last but not least, it teaches your kids to be patient.
Just like Rome, the Ultimate Block City can't be built in one day!


    • Mega Police Station: 1397pcs
    • Fire Station: 958pcs
    • Construction Site: 319pcs
    • Black Police: 1063pcs
    • Small block size (compatible with legos)
    • Plastic material
    • Hazard warning for children under the age of 3


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