3D POLYMORPH Moldable Model

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Do you want to 3D print with your hands? Then our 3D POLYMORPH Moldable Model is perfect material for your DIY projects, crafts, designs & prototypes. 

This 3D POLYMORPH Moldable Model is a biodegradable polyester that can be shaped and reshaped infinitely that softens enough to be formed into any shape at around 62 - 65° C. It has physical properties of a very tough plastic, similar to a nylon when in cool temperature.

Simply heat the pellets in hot water or with a hairdryer. It can be drilled, sanded, ground, machined or heated and reformed again and again. 3D POLYMORPH Moldable Model will change the way you make parts.

So what do you do with it? Robotics, small-parts prototyping, arts/crafts, there’s almost no end to what you can do with this stuff

  • safe to use, non-toxic and easy to work with
  • great to use for arts and recreation as well as home improvement and construction projects
  • reusable, very useful in craft work or hardware DIY
  • repair, build, fill or create
  • the possibilities are endless

How to use:

  • Heat some water to approximately 150 degrees F. (You can also heat using hot air from a heat gun or oven)
  • Pour pellets into the water. Its re-usable so don't worry if you add too much
  • Wait approximately one minute or until white pellets turn clear and stick together. This is when you’ll know they are ready to mold. If they haven’t turned clear, try increasing the heat just a little bit.
  • Remove from the water and get rid of any remaining liquid between the pellets. Be sure to use tongs or some other type of tool (not your hands) as the polymorph will still be quite hot. Once removed from the water, the moldable plastic will be cool enough to mold by hand. Form into desired shape with your hands, tools, molds, or any other means necessary. You can cut it into shapes with scissors or a knife at this point if required
  • Once you’ve created your require shape, let it cool to room temperature. You can place it in ice water to speed up the setting process. Once completely cooled, the polymorph will then be strong and durable

Package includes: 1 x 100g Polymorph pellets

Tip: Simply immerse your creation in hot water to dissolve again to be reused.

Note: 100g of Polymorph pellets when heated can be shaped up to 91 cm polymorph model with a thickness of 1 cm.


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