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Ah, The Milky Way..

There are few things more fascinating & mysterious than our little solar system inside the Milky Way galaxy. It is home to the only advanced civilization that we know of and 8 planets..

.. Or 9, depending on when you're reading this since astronomers JUST can't make up their minds on Pluto.

Nevertheless, you're just an inhabitant in this solar system..

BUT now you can break the 4th wall and become the Solar System yourself with this Solar System Bracelet!

It's not every day that you see someone sporting a Solar System Bracelet.  Here's why it is TRULY remarkable and special to wear one of these:

  1. It's got 9 POWERFUL gemstones on it: Legends say each gemstone brings its correlating planet's energy with them to your wrist! Wearing them together will supercharge the bracelet and unleash its full potential. Any resemblance to fictional superhero movies is purely coincidental.

  2. It reportedly brings good luck: As the planets are in perfect alignment along the Solar System Bracelet, you may suddenly notice increased luck and miracles manifesting in your everyday life!

  3. It possesses mesmerizing beauty: Looking into each of the bracelet's gemstones and unique craftsmanship is akin to gazing into the starry night sky! 

  4. Each bracelet is 100% unique and one of a kind: There are no two identical Solar System Bracelets out there as the naturally occurring stones used vary in size and pattern.

  5.  It is said the Solar System Bracelet chooses its OWN owner: If true, then this would mean it is NO mere coincidence that YOU are reading this right now! 

Act fast, Chosen One, and start the new year off with a one-of-a-kind Solar System Bracelet and successfully manifest your greatest goals & desires in 2021!

*Very limited quantities available!


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