Giant Dog Pillow

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This pug stuffed animal is a softy, inside and out. You won't be able to resist hugging him and you'll never want to stop holding him! He's irresistible! This stuffed pug plush has a special way of bringing extra plushy comfort by turning into pillows that providing a restful spot for little heads, lower back, or any body parts where support is needed.


  • Soft Bull terrier plush pillow has an oval head and a wide and thick body. The eyes are especially hard. Fabric is super soft and comfortable. When people see it, they can't help it they want to hug him.

  • A stuffed dog that can be a high-quality plush toy, is also a very practical animal pillow that can be carried around, rest, sleep, and travel with.

  • Perfect size for embracing and snuggling, perfect for kid's birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and other important holidays; can be placed on sofas, beds, bedrooms, like home decor.

  • The adorable dog plush hug pillow comes with different sizes. The warm colors of milky white and light khaki give a visually warm and soft feeling, making you easier to fall asleep.


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