Valentine's Luminous Balloon Rose Bouquet

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Woah there, lovebird!

The Red Rose will forever remain as a symbol of love, romance, passion, desire..

..And also as a way for men to apologize to their girlfriends and wives whenever they've done something wrong..

But surprising your significant other with something equally as classy but less plain than just a regular ol' rose would definitely earn you some points with the lady (and bragging rights with the boys)!

And with Valentine's day closing in rapidly, there is absolutely NO better way to make sure you'll be celebrating it again next year than getting the love of your life a Romantic Luminous Rose Bouquet!

We know how stressful the search for the perfect romantic gift can be. Whether it's Valentine's day or your anniversary coming up, you're going to want to hit the bullseye and see your boo's eye sparkle with joy..

Well lucky you, Casanova! The Luminous Balloon Rose Bouquet has got you covered:

  1. It's a rose except 10x better: Rose Connoisseurs thought nothing could beat the sophistical simplicity and elegance of a plain ole red rose. Clearly, they were wrong!

  2. It's got 5 spectacularly beautiful colors to pick from: Red Rose, Pink Rose, Blue Rose, Champagne Rose & a sneaky, honorary Sunflower!

  3. It WILL surprise your significant other: A plain old rose? Predictable. Bouquet of flowers? Predictable. Chocolates & a teddy? Predictable.

    Know what isn't predictable? The Luminous Balloon Rose Bouquet!

  4. It separates the romantic people from the wannabes: If you are considering getting this as a gift - you're a true romantic and your partner is lucky to have you. Congratulations!


  • Material: Latex, artificial flowers, LED
  • Color: Transparent globe, 5 flower color variations
  • Lights length: 9.84ft
  • Weight: Approx. 1 lbs
  • Inflatable Diameter: Approx. 13.78in
  • Special ingredient: LOVE

We've JUST put it on sale today for all you lovebirds out there! <3

Act fast and surprise the love of your life with the most romantic gift they'll EVER receive! The things we do for LOVE..

Package including:

  • 1 x handmade rose
  • 1 set x special ball skin
  • 1 x matching ribbon
  • 1 x 70CM special balloon tow bar
  • 1 x fairy veils
  • 1 set x 3 meters warm color light cord
  • 1 x pumps


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