Cute & Fluffy Pocket Buddy

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WARNING: Cuteness overload!

Every single winter Santa's Little Helpers work hard to make the BEST presents for us..

Santa films coke commercials (hey, workshop rent ain't cheap!)..

..And we watch Macaulay Culkin annihilate the stupidest robbers known to mankind..

This year, however, Santa shoved a box FULL of Cute & Fluffy Pocket Buddies down our chimney! We took them in and fed them, but now they're looking for a new, warm home..

.. Like your coat's reaaaally warm pocket!

Have you ever wanted to be able to carry cute & fluffy animals in your pockets wherever you go?

Why of course you have, silly. And now your dream has finally come true!

Why you should adopt (yes, adopt) a Cute & Fluffy Pocket Buddy:
  1. They're looking for a new home! The Cute & Fluffy Pocket Buddies are currently homeless and need a new warm & cozy pocket to snuggle in!

  2. 14 SUPER cute Pocket Buddies to choose from! You can't really go wrong.. they're all oh so very cute and lovable!

  3. Feel happiness on demand! The winter blues can be rough and make us sad, but with your own Pocket Buddy all you need to do is remember you've got the cutest thing ever in your pocket and smile - and everything will be alright, even if for a brief moment! 

  4. Do it yourself! Your Pocket Buddy will have to be.. assembled by you. Relax, we haven't hurt them! It's just the way they are.


  • Material: 100% wool
  • Pattern Type: Pocket Buddy!
  • Theme: Animal pocket decor
  • Shape: 14 variations
  • Category: DIY

We've JUST put the Cute & Fluffy Pocket Buddies up for adoption!!

Act fast and surprise a loved one with the CUTEST present they've EVER received while also ensuring one pocket buddy finds a new home! <3!


  • This is not completed Product,it's  DIY material package.
  • Contains : Multi Wools+1 pc foam workplace+ 3 pcs metal needle+Eyes+hang wire+metal pin
  • Includes assembling steps and Video


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