Luxury Fountain Pen Set

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Feather pen ink dip pen
The feather surface is irregularly sprinkled with gold dust. The colors are particularly attractive. It is also easy and convenient to replace the pen nib. The pen tip has excellent control and stability to provide smoothness and easy ink flow. Handwritten greetings will make the other party happier.


  • QUILL PEN SETIt includes feather pen, ink bottle(15 ml ink), come with "Hogwarts" seal stamp, 5 stainless steel pen nib in different sizes, 3 fire paint wax, pen nib base, white wax, spoon, gift box.
  • EXQUISITE FEATHER PENOur feather dip pen are made from natural feather, calligraphy pens provide superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow, the long well-balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience. This has 5 different nibs, can be used to write different size words.
  • WAX SEAL STAMP KIT: Our wax seal stamp is made of high quality brass head with metal dragon handle, come with "Hogwarts" logo on stamp. It creates intricate details and leaves a clean, beautiful imprint. It can avoid opening for important documents and private information is Ideal for decorating, embellishment, invitations, envelopes, postcards, gifts sealing.
  • PERFECT GIFTA decent high-grade and meaningful gift, this quill and ink set perfect gift for beginners, students and advanced calligraphers, It can be given to parents, friends. They will love it for its exquisite design, and traditional style.


  • Nib Type:Standard Type
  • Type:Fountain Pen
  • Packaging:Gift Box
  • Writing Point:0 mm
  • Material:Metal
  • Nib Material:Stainless Steel
  • Fountain Pen's Tip Material:Gold
  • Special Application:Writing
  • Package:Without ink


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