Brake Fluid Tester

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Brake Fluid Tester


Brake Fluid Tester BF200 BF100

BF100/BF200 Brake Fluid Tester for DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1 ​Brake Fluid Tester Pen for DOT3/DOT4 , doesn't fit for DOT5.1

BF100/BF200 Support DOT3 DOT4、DOT5.1 different brake fluld.

●DOT3 is the most common type of brake fluid used by daily drivers. ●DOT4 has a higher boiling point and has found its place in racing vehicles and police cars ●DOT5.1 : It is important never to mistake DOT 5.1 (glycol-based) with DOT 5 which is sllicone-based and should never be Mixed with any other DOT fluid. Standards: Minimum Boiling Points by Brake Fluid Type

2. BF100/BF200 with Non-Slip Design, Fit for hand operate, easy to use 3. BF100/BF200 with Removable Battery Cover, Easy to replace the batteries energy save design. 4. BF100/BF200 with Universal Probe, Durable and can be twisted, convenient and fiexible.

BF100/BF200 High Sensitivity Probe

With advanced high-quality sensors, it is highly sensitive and quick to respond, convenient to use. QUICK RESPONSE HIGHLY SENSITIVE SENSOR FLASHLIGHT Tips: Please wipe the probe cleanly after each test to improve the service life!

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