Luminous Shoelaces Glow In The Dark

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 Luminous Shoelaces Glow In The Dark Material: Nylon

Pattern Type: Solid

Feature: Luminous effect

Model Number: 0413001

Color: Blue,White,Pink,Yellow,Green

Length: 80cm,100cm,120cm,140cm

Width: 0.7cm

Style1: Sneakers shoelace

Style2: Glow In The Dark

Style3: Luminous Shoelace

1 Pair Luminous Shoelaces Flat Sneakers Canvas Shoe Laces Glow In The Dark Night Color Fluorescent Shoelace 80/100/120/140cm
Material: High-strength luminous material
Size: 8mm*0.8m, 8mm * 1m, 8mm * 1.2m, 8mm*1.4m
Color: white/yellow/green/blue/pink
The  Package includes: 1 pair of shoelaces (2 pcs)
They need to absorb light through sunlight, lights, flashlights, or even moving screens.
After 30 minutes of light absorption, they emit light for about 4-5 hours.
The stronger the light, the better.
They can shine again and again!​​​​​​
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