Zts Bone Conduction Sports Headphones Bluetooth

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Bone conduction Bluetooth Headphones Design:

Bone conduction: in addition to air conduction, bone can also transmit sound. The skull vibrates, sending the sound to the inner ear, which can also be heard.

Bone conduction Technology

The bone conduction chip vibrates through the periosteum, transmitting sound to the headset. Leaky bone conduction headphones are common. If you mind, adjust the volume appropriately, then put on a memory earplug or plug your ear with your finger to experience the music brought by bone conduction.

A New Way Of Hearing

True bone-conduction headphones: You'll hear overtone leaky sound, but not external speakers.

More safer to listen music outdoor sports

Open ears also ensure the possibility of headphones in dangerous situations. It's safer to use.

HIFI Sound Effect

HD surround Stereo Restore real sound

Bone conduction chip

Multi function button, more convenient operation

Bluetooth 5.0 and with 150mAh large capacity battery

Bluetooth 5.0 Low power chip More stable performance Support up to 5 hours of phone calls

Voice Calls HD Microphone

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