Amazfit GTS 2 (A1969) (Obsidian Black)

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Amazfit GTS 2 (A1969) (Obsidian Black)

Combining a sleek look and sophisticated monitoring, the GTS 2 GPS Smartwatch from Amazfit is an ideal companion that looks great while helping you stay healthy and reach your fitness goals. It sports a 1.65" square AMOLED display that is your window into detailed health and fitness monitoring. To help you stay fit in the exercise of your choice, the GTS 2 supports 90 built-in sport modes, 6 of which are conveniently automatically recognized, and GPS tracking. With waterproof construction that can withstand depths of up to 164', the GTS 2 can be used on land and in the pool.

To better track how your body responds to exercise and its overall health, the GTS 2 also comes equipped with both a BioTracker 2 24/7 heart rate monitor and blood-oxygen saturation (SPO2) sensor. While you can get detailed metrics on the watch or in an app on your phone, an algorithm combines all of this data into a singular PAI score for easy tracking of overall progress. With additional features, such as hands-free calling, notifications, and sleep monitoring, the GTS 2 GPS smartwatch provides support throughout your entire day.

3GB of Storage

3GB of built-in memory lets you store your favorite digital audio files for mobile playback. Whether the files are music, podcasts, or audio books, you can play them back via the integrated speaker or through a pair of (optional) wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Sleek Design

The 1.65" square AMOLED display delivers bright colors and rich contrast, with smooth 2.5D curved glass and a scratch & damage-resistant glass vacuum coating. The display is set inside a thin, lightweight aluminum body that can be comfortably worn all day. As an always-on display, you can conveniently check the time at a glance, without having to manually press a button or tap the screen.

BioTracker 2 Heart Rate Monitor

The BioTracker 2 24/7 heart rate monitor is capable of giving you your current heart rate, as well as heart rate zone information to give you an idea of how your exercising affects your body. When at rest, the sensor will even alert you with a warning if it detects that your heart rate is abnormally elevated.

PAI Health Assessment Score

To help make it easier to track your overall health and fitness progress, this watch can display a singular PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score for you to track. It uses an algorithm that takes your heart rate, exercise time, and other information to provide this score.

Stress Detection

This feature can tell you whether your stress levels are relaxed, normal, medium, or high, allowing you to realize your stressed and actively take steps to remain calm.

Sleep Monitoring

Supporting both full sleep and naps over 20 minutes, this smartwatch can let you know how much light, deep, and REM sleep you achieved. It can also provide sleep analysis and suggestions on improving your sleep.

Haptic Feedback

The GTS 2 supports a variety of notifications, such as incoming calls, alarms, event reminders, and more. With a haptic linear motor, the watch can vibrate when you receive new notifications. For a more personalized experience, you can adjust the duration of the vibration.

Quick Access & Shortcut Cards

To make using the GTS 2 smartwatch easier and more intuitive, you can swipe right to view shortcut cards or swipe left to access a Quick Access app. Shortcut cards quickly display general information, such as weather, music, or opened apps. The Quick Access app is customizable and allows you fast access to your most used app.

Zepp App

The Zepp mobile app lets you view comprehensive health and exercise data 24/7, as well as remotely manage nearby smart devices.

Additional Features

Up to 7 days of battery life under typical use
Automatic recognition of outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, pool swimming, and elliptical sport modes
Use voice commands to control watch features, such as selecting sport modes and turning on functions
Built-in speaker allows you to take hands-free calls via Bluetooth
Dozens of customizable watch faces
Upload your own picture to the watch face
Modular design lets you customize watch face widgets to display information that's important to you
180° rotating screen for right- or left-handed wearers
Movement reminder if you sit for long periods
Daily activity tracking (steps, distance, and calories)
Do Not Disturb, stopwatch, weather, alarm, timer, and other functions

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