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Pokemon Platinum Version

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Pokémon Platinum Version

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This article is ready the middle collection recreation. For the Pokémon Adventures man or woman, see Platinum. For the Trading Card Game expansion, see Platinum (TCG).

Pokémon Platinum Version ポケットモンスター プラチナ
Pokémon Platinum Versions boxart, featuring GiratinaOrigin Forme
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: RPG
Players: 1-five gamers simultaneous
Connectivity: DS WirelessNintendo Wi-Fi Connectiondual-slot mode
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
Part of: Generation IV middle collection
GSRR: 6+
Release dates
Japan: September thirteen, 2008[1]
North America: March 22, 2009[2]
Australia: May 14, 2009[3]
Europe: May 22, 2009[4]
South Korea: July 2, 2009[5]
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: September thirteen, 2008
Japanese: Poké Official site
English: Poké (US) Poké (UK) Official site
[show]Japanese boxart
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Pokémon Platinum Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスター プラチナ Pocket Monsters Platinum) is a solitary model to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and the 0.33 Generation IV middle collection name.

The recreation changed into first visible on May 11, 2008 while a low-decision cell-telecellsmartphone photo of an upcoming difficulty of CoroCoro mag changed into leaked across the internet. On May 15, the mag changed into formally launched and the sport changed into additionally formally showed through Nintendo. The recreation changed into launched in Japan on September thirteen, 2008, in North America on March 22, 2009, in Australia on May 14, 2009, in Europe on May 22, 2009, and in Korea on July 2, 2009.

Like preceding 0.33 variations, the location and beginning vicinity stay similar to in formerly launched paired variations; in Platinum, the participant starts offevolved their adventure from Twinleaf Town and travels throughout all of Sinnoh.


When the sport starts offevolved, the participant is lookingnewscast approximately Professor Rowans go back to Sinnoh. Just then, the gamers great buddy runs in, and the 2 head for Route 201 to get a Pokémon from Professor Rowan. However, Rowan sees them and reprimands them for endangering themselves. His assistant (Lucas or Dawn, relying at the gamers gender) comes alongside, and Rowan we could the participant and Barry every pick amongstTurtwigPiplup, or Chimchar. After choosing, Barry, who later will become the rival, demanding situations the participant to a warfare, having picked the Pokémon with the sort gain over the gamers choice. After the warfare, the 2 head to Lake Verity, in which they meet Cyrus. Back in Twinleaf Town the gamers mom offers them a couple of Running Shoes earlier than the participant leaves for Sandgem Town. The professor offers the participantPokédex and the participant then units off to discover Sinnoh and defeat the Gym Leaders with a purpose to enhance similarly withinside the plot, undertaking the Elite Four, and turn out to be the Champion of Sinnoh.

During the direction of the sport, there are numerous conflicts with the evil Team Galactic and its leader, Cyrus. When the electricity of Dialga and Palkia, summoned through Cyrus, starts offevolved to crush Sinnoh, UxieMesprit and Azelf seem and Giratina drags Cyrus down into the Distortion World.

After going through off in opposition to Cyrus, the participant is then compelled right into a warfare with Giratina. After the warfare Cyrus, disappears, and the participant heads to Sunnyshore City to take at the very last fitness center leader, Volkner. Jasmine, whom the participant meets there, offers HM07 after the fitness center warfare, and the participant heads to Victory Road, and after the very last.warfare in opposition to the buddy and rival, faces the Elite Four, Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian. After which, the participant faces Cynthia the champion.

After the participant defeats Cynthia, there are similarly sports to pursue. These especially problem the seize of formerly unavailable Pokémon, greater capabilities which includes the Poké Radar, exploration of formerly inaccessible locations which includes the FightSurvival, and Resort Areas and the perfection of warfare capabilities withinside the Battle Tower. At the survival Zone, the participant will assist Looker end off Team Galactic through arresting Charon.


Another global has emerged withinside the Sinnoh location... ...A global in which time and area are altered! Catch, train, and warfare your preferred Pokémon, and find out ancient, legendary Pokémon on this thrilling new adventure!

Changes from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


  • The Wi-Fi vicinity has been improved with the Wi-Fi Plaza, which helps up to twenty humans at a time. The new vicinity appears to cognizance solely on mini-video games, which consist of Wobbuffet Pop, in which gamers hit a WobbuffetMime Jr. Top, in which gamers can balance Mime Jr. on a ball and Swalot Plop in which gamers throw Berries at a Swalot gadget.
  • There is a brand new Key Item referred to as the Vs. Recorder (given through Looker while the participant first meets him in Jubilife City), which lets in gamers to file battles in Battle Frontier and Wi-Fi, and percentage the statistics with different gamers on the Global Terminal. Players also can take pix in their PC containers and percentage them with different gamers in a comparable fashion.
  • The Global Trade System has included an email device that lets in gamers to be notified of finished trades. Notification messages are despatched to the gamers email account, which may be regarded via the gamers PC, cell telecellsmartphone, or Wii device.
    • In non-Japanese variations, however, the device changed into downgraded to Wii messaging best. Thus, in those variations, notification messages are despatched and should be regarded via the Wiis Message Board.
  • The Sinnoh starters and their evolutions are actually allowed in an expanded Amity Square, making a complete of 20 Pokémon allowed withinside the Square.
  • Over nearby wireless, there's a brand new function referred to as Spin Trade in which the participant and their pals can placed their Pokémon Eggs in and randomly swap. Trainers that gain Eggs that land at the Bonus Area, the noticed ones, get a Berry too.
  • HM05 (Defog) is now placed interior the Solaceon Ruins in place of the Great Marsh.
  • The participant now gets HM04 (Strength) from Riley on Iron Island in place of withinside the Lost Tower.
  • Strength is not had to get admission to Wayward Caves Hidden Area.
  • The participant can now undertaking different Trainers in positive Pokémon Centers. The Trainer(s) are placed in the front of the desk. These Trainers exalternate region each day.
  • During a Trainer warfare, while the opponent Trainer is ready to ship out his (or her) subsequent Pokémon, the message has modified from "Will exalternate Pokémon?" in all video games as much as Diamond and Pearl to "Will you turn your Pokémon?". This changed into saved in next middle collection video games.
  • In addition to the Move Tutors in Diamond and Pearl, 3 new Move Tutors are delivered, in Snowpoint City, on Route 212 and withinside the Survival Area.
  • The accuracy of Hypnosis changed into modified again to 60.
  • The video games velocity with a few capabilities is quicker as compared to Diamond and Pearl, mainly even as surfing and during battles. However, the participant nonetheless walks slower than in Generation III. The body rate of Platinum stays 30 frames consistent with 2nd (FPS).
  • Poffins may be made with different gamers thru Wi-Fi.
  • A guy withinside the Veilstone Game Corners Prize Exchange House can inform the participant the sort of Hidden Power their Pokémon has, and a person withinside the Battle Tower can decide the Individual values of the participant Pokémon.
  • The fee of the Accessories at Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop in Floaroma Town has been reduced.
  • European variations of the sport are not capable of play slot machines. These variations of the sport update slot machines with recreation machines, a gadget that really offers cash to the participant with little interactivity. This is the end result of modifications withinside the type requirements at PEGI[6].
  • As in Generations II and III, it's miles viable to tripBicycle in gatehouses setting apart towns or cities and routes, some thing that changed into now no longer viable in Diamond and Pearl.
  • When the participant makes use of their radar even as in the Underground, it takes seconds earlier than any other radar sign may be used. In Diamond and Pearl, it best took one 2nd.
  • The Lustrous and Adamant Orbs are not located at the Spear Pillar as in Diamond and Pearl. Instead, they should be located in a cave someplace withinside the snowfields of Mt. Coronet which calls for Waterfall to get admission to. To be capable of capture Dialga and Palkia, the participant should have received the objects in that cave and should have confronted Giratina, whether or not it changed into stuck or now no longer. The participant can then cross up Mt. Coronet to in which Giratina took her or him and Cyrus into the Distortion World.
  • If the participant defeats a desk bound in-recreation occasion Pokémon (which includes maximum Legendary or Mythical Pokémon), it reappears subsequent time the participant enters the Hall of Fame. If the participant defeats a roaming Pokémon, it'll reappear best after the participant has re-caused the occasion which triggered it to begin roaming; for instance, the participant should speak to Professor Oak to reasonLegendary bird to renew roaming. If the participant flees from or defeats Origin Forme Giratina withinside the Distortion World, it'll reappear in Turnback Cave in its Altered Forme, in which it behaves withinside the identical manner as all different desk bound Legendary Pokémon.
  • Most combatants Pokémons ranges had been multiplied through at the least one. An instance of that is that during Diamond and Pearl, Barrys starter Pokémon withinside the warfare at Pastoria City is at degree 28. In Platinum, it's miles at degree 36. However, the Pokémon utilized by combatants withinside the Pokémon League had their ranges lowered.
  • In places in which positive unevolved Pokémon may be located (like Numel on Route 227 and Stark Mountain), they're close to the ranges of the relaxation of the Pokémon withinside the vicinity, while in Diamond and Pearl they had been typically withinside the excessive 10s or low 20s.

Obtainable Pokémon

  • fifty nine greater Pokémon had been delivered to the Sinnoh Pokédex to present it a complete of 210 entries, with all non-Legendary Pokémon delivered in Generation IV now blanketed, in conjunction with their pre-advanced bureaucracy and numerous different Pokémon. The delivered Pokémon, which includes Rotom and Giratina, are actually to be had previous to the Pokémon League undertaking.
  • Giratina has obtained a brand new Forme referred to as the Origin Forme, with its preceding Forme named the Altered Forme. Giratina will seem in Origin Forme even as withinside the Distortion World, and Altered Forme out of doors. A Griseous Orb is needed to convert it into its Origin Forme out of doors of the Distortion World.
    • The Ability of Origin Forme is Levitate and its base stats replicate the ones of Altered Forme, with the offensive stats switched with their respective protective stats.
  • Shaymins new Forme is referred to as Sky Forme and takes on a dog look. Its Ability is Serene Grace and the Forme is centered on Speed and Special Attack. It is capable of examine new actions like Quick AttackAir Slash and Leaf Storm.
    • Shaymin can exalternate among its bureaucracy thru using the Gracidea. Its Sky Forme will revert to Land Forme at night, if Shaymin is frozen, or while deposited into the PC.
  • Rotom has new bureaucracy as well. Each of the 5 bureaucracy is a Rotom that has possessed an electrical appliance. Despite having visible traits of different types, the 5 bureaucracy percentage the authentic Rotoms Electric and Ghost types; however, their base stats are appreciably higher. They additionally percentage the authentic Rotoms Ability of Levitate. The object to release those Pokémon in the sport, the Secret Key, is occasion-best. As those Pokémon aren't typically to be had on this recreation, they had been consequently banned from authentic tournaments[quotation wished] till the discharge of HeartGold and SoulSilver which allowed Rotom to convert with out the requirement of an occasion-best object.
  • RegirockRegice and Registeel may be stuck at degree 30 with the assist of an occasion Regigigas that has been allotted in Nintendo events.
  • Regigigas is now located at degree 1, making it the bottom-degree non-glitch wild Pokémon in any recreation in conjunction with Magikarp, in addition to the bottom-degree non-glitch Legendary in any recreation.
  • The Legendary birds may be located as roaming Pokémon after the National Pokédex is received. They roam Sinnoh just like Mesprit and Cresselia do. The participant has to speak to Professor Oak in Eterna City to cause their look. They are all located at degree 60.
  • Dialga and Palkia seem at the Spear Pillar one after the other after the participant has spoken with Cynthias grandmother in Celestic Town, and received the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs in Mt. Coronet.
  • Cynthia now offers the participantPokémon Egg containing Togepi after the participant has defeated Team Galactic on the Team Galactic Eterna Building, changing the Happiny Egg formerly available in Hearthome City.
  • Bebe now offers the participantEevee earlier than the participant gets the National Pokédex; Eevee can now be received from the primary time the participant arrives in Hearthome City. It is at degree 20.
  • A guy in Veilstone City offers the participant a degree 25 Porygon as a gift.
  • Manaphy, even as nonetheless uncatchable in-recreation, is now required to gain the National Pokédex. It may be delivered to the Sinnoh Pokédex from locating its photo in a ee-e book withinside the Pokémon Mansion.

Missing Pokémon

These Pokémon are unavailable in Platinum. To be received, they should be traded from the alternative video games of Generation IV or imported from a recreation from Generation III.

Missing Pokémon
198 Murkrow Dark Flying FRDHGSS
200 Misdreavus Ghost LGPHGSS
328 Trapinch Ground RSEDPHGSS
329 Vibrava Ground Dragon RSEDPHGSS
330 Flygon Ground Dragon RSEDPHGSS
366 Clamperl Water RSEDPHGSS
367 Huntail Water RSEDPHGSS
368 Gorebyss Water RSEDPHGSS
429 Mismagius Ghost PHGSS
430 Honchkrow Dark Flying DHGSS
431 Glameow Normal P
432 Purugly Normal P
434 Stunky Poison Dark D
435 Skuntank Poison Dark D


  • Much like Pokémon Emerald, a brand new Battle Frontier takes the area of the Battle Park. It has the Battle TowerBattle FactoryBattle CastleBattle Arcade and Battle Hall as venues.
  • Twinleaf Town and close by routes now have snow patches.
    • This and different matters offer proof that this model takes area in winter, as hostile to the preceding Sinnoh installments which do now no longer have a exact season.
  • Jubilife City has been refurbished with new pathways and a few homes have lively roof lighting.
  • The Global Trade Station in Jubilife City has been redesigned and now consists of a larger worldwide terminal. It has been renamed because the Global Terminal.
  • Oreburgh Mine now has dual coal transporters beginning from the doorway and finishing at the doorway to the ultimate phase of the mine and are shifting.
  • An arch now represents the entrances to Floaroma Town.
  • The timber withinside the Eterna Forest, in addition to Fullmoon Island and Newmoon Island, solid shadows that cowl the ground.
  • Eterna City has been refurbished with new foliage and pathways. Also the Team Galactic Eterna Building has had a entire redesign, interior and out. It now includes a mystery room in which Rotom can transfer among its bureaucracy.
  • Cycling Road has been redesigned and now has tunnel-like shelters withinside the center of the Cycle Route, in addition to lighting alongside the edges of it.
  • Hearthome City has been refurbished with new pathways.
  • Amity Square has been absolutely made over. It now consists of a small pond, greater paths, and greater top ranges. The antique homes that formerly inhabited Amity Square now include Warp Panels which delivery the participant to the alternative antique homes inside Amity Square.
  • Lost Tower has had its shadeation scheme modified and now has fog on 3 of its 5 floors, which may be cleared through HM05 (Defog).
  • Solaceon Towns homes had been made over and the Pokémon Day Care now has a trough packed with water and tent-like shelters.
  • Veilstone City has been refurbished with new pathways. The Galactic Veilstone Building has been redesigned, interior and out. The Veilstone Department Store now has a basement, in which Poffins may be offered and sold. Berries and Lava Cookies may be sold as well.
  • The Hotel Grand Lake has been refurbished with new pathways.
  • Pastoria Citys homes had been made over and now additionally consists of a board with a Croagunk on it that's placed in the front of the Great Marsh. Occasionally, if the participant stands at the back of the Croagunk Wall with the gamers head protruding of it, a wild Croagunk will come, however it'll simply cry and stroll into the Great Marsh building.
  • The Great Marsh has had its shadeation scheme modified and has additionally had foliage modified and delivered.
  • Celestic Towns homes had been made over.
  • Canalave City has been refurbished with new pathways and its homes and library have additionally been made over.
  • The participant now desires to apply HM08 (Rock Climb) to attain Lake Acuity.
  • The vicinity of water to the south of Snowpoint City in which the participant can get a ship to the Battle Zone now includes a small wide variety of icebergs. These also can be visible withinside the ocean while the boat is crossing to the Battle Zone. The boat has additionally been redesigned, maximum probable because of the icebergs withinside the sea.
  • The again vicinity of Spear Pillar has been barely redesigned to permit greater room for the Creation trio once they seem.
  • Sunyshore City has been refurbished with new pathways and its homes had been made over.
  • The front and go out of Victory Road have turn out to be wider, having a Poké Ball on the middle of the arch.
  • The Battle Zone is now warmer, and palm timber may be located there.
  • Stark Mountain now has greater capabilities evocative of a volcano, which includes crags and pits of lava.
  • The Pokémon Mansion is surrounded through golden railings.


  • The tale visible on TV on the begin of the sport is now approximately Professor Rowan having simply lower back from a experience to Kanto.
  • The participant meets Professor Rowan and the other gender man or woman earlier, and obtains their starter Pokémon on Route 201.
    • Instead of being attacked through wild Pokémon at Verity Lakefront, the participant and their rival are trying to attain Sandgem Town via tall grass while the Professor stops them and gives them a starter.
  • The first warfare is in opposition to the gamers rival, who, as always, has selected the starter Pokémon which has a kind gain in opposition to the gamers.
  • The participant and the rival now encounter Cyrus at Lake Verity on the begin of the sport. The participant also can meet Cyrus at exclusive venues which includes the Eterna City statue.
  • Both Dialga and Palkia seem at the Spear PillarGiratina, the mascot of Platinum, then stages into the sector in the front of Cyrus.
  • A new vicinity referred to as the Distortion World is playable. It has floor-like sections floating at ninety-diploma angles from every different, developing an impact just like the artwork of M. C. Escher. It disobeys the legal guidelines of physics, making matters like Surfing down a waterfall going up viable. The digital digicam perspective switches among angle and isometric perspectives to match the perspective of the participant. It additionally has shifting systems with jumpable gaps among them. Giratina, while right here, could be in its Origin Forme and is likewise the best wild Pokémon placed right here.
  • Two new characters to the primary storyline had been delivered. One is Charon, a professor and Commander of Team Galactic, and the alternative is a police officer spying on Team Galactic, the use of the codename "Looker".
  • A Tag Battle among the participant and their rival in opposition to Flint and Volkner takes area at the doorway to the Battle Frontier while the participant first arrives there.
  • Team Galactics plans to re-create the sector has modified barely. The layouts in their HQs, which includes the only in Eterna, had been modified. Team Galactic now makes use of greater sources to attain their goal, in addition to explaining why, in-recreation, which includes the electricity from the Valley Windworks, in addition to planting a bomb at the Great Marsh for interest to permit greater humans to recognise what theyre looking to do. Team Galactic additionally has a fourth commander who seems in the course of the sport, however does now no longer tackle a extensive function till after the primary tale events.
  • Some of the Gym Leaders had been reordered: Fantina is now the 0.33 Gym Leader, Maylene is the fourth and Crasher Wake is the fifth. The look of gamers Gym Badge case remains the identical.
  • Dawn/Lucas not offers the participant the Dowsing Machine or the Vs. Seeker close to the Route 206 junction; alternatively they meet the participant at the doorway to Mt. Coronet.
  • Team Galactic seems in Stark Mountain below the command of Charon, who seeks to apply the negative electricity of the volcano to extort cash from the humans of Sinnoh. The participant, with assist from Buck, should defeat them. During this occasionMars and Jupiter cease Team Galactic due to the fact Charon does now no longer percentage the identical beliefs as ex-boss Cyrus. Ultimately, Charon and his accompanying grunts are apprehended through Looker and policemen.
  • After the aforementioned occasion, the participant can undertaking all the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh to rematches withinside the Battleground. The gamers Tag Battle partners from in the course of the sport (CherylBuckMarleyMira, and Riley) also are capable of be challenged on this area. Each of the thirteen characters has a crew of 5 Pokémon, whose ranges are among sixty one and sixty five (besides for Maylene, whose crew alternatively degrees from degree sixty two to 66).
  • The Pokémon League growth their Pokémons ranges after the participant has finished the Stark Mountain occasion. Their ranges are actually among sixty five and 78.
  • When one finishes the Stark Mountain quest, in place of the rival acting on the Fight Area on weekends, he now seems on the Survival Area in the front of the Battleground. During the primary warfare, the ranges of the Pokémon in his birthday birthday celebration variety from fifty nine-sixty five, 2nd warfare 69-seventy five, and 0.33 and past 79-85. In those ultimate battles, he changed into the Trainer with the highest-leveled Pokémon in all middle collection video games, till Reds remade crew in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • When first travelling the Resort Area, the participant getsVilla. Inside on a desk is a catalog that lists objects that may be bought to grant the residence withinside the identical way as readorning a mystery base. The participant could be visited through NPCs which includes the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, the gamers momProfessor Rowan, and the rival.


  • LucasDawn, and Barry have exclusive clothes designed for chillier weather, because the whole Sinnoh location has modified in temperature.
  • The gamers residence now has wallpaper of their room.
  • The template for the degreeHP, and the call of Pokémon in warfare is a darkish grey in place of white, and its form has modified.
  • The Pokétch has been redesigned. Players can now flow up and down among apps alternatively of getting to undergo they all to go back to a preceding one.
  • Some of the actions had been redesigned and feature a exclusive animation, which includes Razor Leaf and Spacial Rend.
  • When Pokémon are despatched out from their Poké Balls, their again sprites now animate just like their the front sprites have since Emerald (i.e., more than one frames of animation further to the numerous distortions and filters already used).
  • Front sprites for Generation IV Pokémon and different Pokémon withinside the Sinnoh Pokédex have additionally modified. Certain Pokémon now no longer withinside the Sinnoh Pokédex, like Meowth, additionally obtained a exalternate in sprites. The Diamond and Pearl sprites are nonetheless used while the participant attire up the Pokémon both in Super Contests or withinside the Jubilife TV station.
  • When fighting positive Trainers which includes Gym LeadersFrontier Brains and Barry, the Trainers sprites are actually lively to transport withinside the identical way as Pokémon.
  • Some Trainers now use Seals while sending out a number of their Pokémon.
  • The EternaHearthome, and Veilstone Gyms have all had entire redesigns withinside the interior.
  • Closeups of Gym Leaders, simply earlier than a warfare, had been modified from enlarged sprites to higher-nice drawings and the phrases VS; the Frontier Brains additionally have this function. The Elite Four have this as well, however the animation consists of the participant at the left aspect of the "VS." and the Elite Four member at the proper aspect.
  • The rooms in which the participant warfare the Elite Four had been redesigned. Aaron now has logs and foliage in his room. Bertha now has rocks in her room. Flint now has lava pits in his room. Lucians room has best had minor modifications to now consist of 4 big lighting or sparkling orbs at the floor. Cynthias room has modified its shadeation scheme and the carry main as much as the Hall of Fame is now in part contained. The Pokémon Center on the Pokémon League has additionally been redesigned.
  • When coming into new areas, the region "labels" at the pinnacle-left nook had been redesigned, just like they had been among Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Emerald.
  • All Gyms now best have Pokémon in their kind specialty.
  • Pikachu and Pachirisu are actually featured while coming into Wi-Fi.
  • The Pal Pad has been given a brand new design.
  • The recreation director at Hotel Grand Lake now has an overhead sprite of his own. The Diploma additionally changed into redesigned.
  • When the participant begins offevolved the warfare with the Giratina withinside the Distortion World, in place of displaying "A wild Giratina appeared!", it displays "The Distortion Worlds Giratina appeared!". It is stated as "the wild Giratina" in different instances, which includes attacking, however.
  • The timber in West Sinnoh have sharper angles and a factor on the pinnacle, as compared to rounded branches and a rounded pinnacle in Diamond and Pearl, and also are barely darker. The timber in East Sinnoh also are barely darker, however are actually a very exclusive hue than the timber in West Sinnoh, and are greater rounded than in Diamond and Pearl, even as the Battle Zone has absolutely new timber altogether.
  • The warfare menu changed into redesigned.
  • When Spiritomb seems withinside the wild or comes out of a Trainers Poké Ball, the Odd Keystone is visible for some seconds in its warfare animation.


  • Giratinas cry could be heard while "Start" or "A" are pressed on the name display, in contrast to in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl which simply play a snippet of the name topics melody. It stocks this trait with a few different video games.
  • The Mystery Gift subject matter has modified from a rendition of the Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions subject matter to a brand new subject matter.


The recreation can join robotically to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver as soon as gamers have get admission to to a Pokémon Center. It also can join to Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and gain Pokémon obtained from Ranger Net Special Missions. It keeps the identical compatibility with Generation III video games and Pokémon Battle Revolution as its predecessors, however My Pokémon Ranch calls for a Japan-best replace to paintings with Platinum. Pokémon Battle Revolution additionally wasnt programmed to be like minded with Platinum, so new formes will now no longer seem.

Like Diamond and Pearl, the difficulty with Korean characters stays: non-Korean variations of Generation IV video games did now no longer consist of a manner to view Korean characters, and consequently Korean variations of any Generation IV recreation cant typically alternate with any non-Korean recreation. If a Pokémon with a Korean call or Korean Trainer call changed into in some way traded to a non-Korean recreation, the facts for his or her call might be transformed to some thing else. In Diamond and Pearl, empty areas had been utilized in lieu of Korean characters. However, Platinum—and eventually HeartGold and SoulSilver—display dashes alternatively; that is probable to save you any troubles which could come from a very clean call.


Gaming mag Famitsu gave Pokémon Platinum a rating of 36 out of 40.[7] IGN rated the sport a "Great" 8.8/10, pointing out that "Yes, its nonetheless good. Even years later."[8] It holds a score of 83% on Metacritic, primarily based totally on forty six critic reviews.[9]


In the monetary yr of its launch, it offered 3.seventy five million gadgets.[10] As of March 31, 2010, Pokémon Platinum has offered 7.06 million copies worldwide, making it the bottom promoting middle collection Pokémon recreation at the Nintendo DS.[11]

Japanese sales

Pokémon Platinum offered 963,273 gadgets on its first week at the Japanese market, with a sell-via of 90.72%. By December 29, 2013, the stop of its 277th week, it had offered 2,626,618 copies.[12]

Week Week finishing Ranking Units offered Total gadgets offered
1 September 14, 2008 1st 963,273 963,273
2 September 21, 2008 1st 314,796 1,278,069
3 September 28, 2008 2nd 195,479 1,473,548
four October five, 2008 1st 121,722 1,595,270
five October 12, 2008 2nd 85,880 1,681,150
6 October 19, 2008 2nd 72,470 1,753,620
7 October 26, 2008 3rd 52,817 1,806,437
8 November 2, 2008 4th 47,243 1,853,680
9 November 9, 2008 4th 36,670 1,890,350
10 November 16, 2008 10th 26,767 1,917,117
11 November 23, 2008 9th 24,173 1,941,290
12 November 30, 2008 13th - -
thirteen December 7, 2008 7th 37,330 2,008,753
14 December 14, 2008 7th 57,510 2,066,263
15 December 21, 2008 8th 85,849 2,152,112
16 December 28, 2008 8th 78,653 2,230,765
17 January four, 2009 12th - -
18 January 11, 2009 14th - -
19 January 18, 2009 20th - -
20 January 25, 2009 23rd - -
69 January 3, 2010 - - 2,560,990
121 January 2, 2011 - - 2,601,017
173 January 1, 2012 - - 2,616,600
225 December 30, 2012 - - 2,623,756
277 December 29, 2013 - - 2,626,618


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The soundtrack includes all the heritage tune utilized in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (the idea for a majority of the tune in Pokémon Platinum). However, the soundtrack does now no longer consist of the remastered name subject matter tune from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire or the alternative unused tune, all of that are gift withinside the inner facts of Diamond and Pearl, in addition to Platinum.

Main article: Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2: Super Music Collection

Several tune tracks distinct to Platinum went formally unreleased till 2012, once they had been blanketed with the authentic soundtrack of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. These Platinum-distinct tracks contain tracks 17-forty eight of Disc four of the soundtrack.

Version history

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Beta elements

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  • Normally, while the participant choices up an object at the ground, it disappears and the message saying "[Player] obtained a(n)/the [item]" displays. However, while the participant procedures the Poké Ball containing the Griseous Orb, it displays " obtained a Griseous Orb!" earlier than it disappears. This mistake changed into corrected withinside the localizations. This oversight additionally takes place withinside the Turnback Cave with the object withinside the ultimate room through the portal in each launch of the sport.



  • English logo

  • Japanese logo

  • Korean logo

Title displays

  • English Platinum name display

  • Japanese Platinum name display


  • The coaching guide blanketed with the sport claims there are 493 Pokémon to be discovered. However, the sport changed into launched earlier than Arceus, the 493rd Pokémon, changed into formally revealed.
  • This is the primary recreation in which the participant can warfare an NPC in a Pokémon Center.
  • Platinum eliminated the "©(publishing yr) GAME FREAK inc." note gift at the name display in Diamond and Pearl and previous video games, alternatively having a note saying "Developed through GAME FREAK Inc." just like the notices located at the name displays of latest video games advanced through tri-Ace.
  • This changed into the primary solitary middle collection model to be launched in South Korea.
  • This changed into the ultimate solitary middle collection model to be launched till Pokémon Legends: Arceus changed into introduced in 2021 and scheduled for a 2022 launch.
    • Coincidentally, each video games take area withinside the Sinnoh location.
  • A Pokémon recreation named "Platinum" changed into cited in a FAQ on Poké in February 1999.[13] It changed into indexed with a few Pokémon video games that had been nonetheless distinct to Japan on the time (which includes Pokémon YellowGold, and Silver). According to the FAQ, there had been no plans to launch those video games in English yet. While this newsletter means that Platinum already existed in Japan on the time, this recreation changed into definitely launched in Japan nearly a decade later.
    "Are there plans to launch the Green, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Pikachu variations of Pokémon withinside the US? How approximately the Nintendo sixty four Pokémon Stadium and different sixty four-bit Pokémon video games?"
    "At this time, there aren't anyt any plans to convey another Pokémon video games to the US. However, if Pokémon catches on right here love it did in Japan, new Pokémon video games can also additionally make it out in North America! Be certain to test www.Poké for updates and announcements."

In different languages

Language Title
 Japanese ポケットモンスター プラチナ
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢 白金
Mandarin 寶可夢 白金 宝可梦 白金
French  Canada Pokémon Platinum Version, Version Platinum de Pokémon*
 Europe Pokémon Version Platine
 German Pokémon Platin-Edition
 Italian Pokémon Versione Platino
 Korean 포켓몬스터Pt 기라티나
 Spanish Pokémon Edición Platino